LYRICS: 'Fall In Love' by Leo Masle

Hmmmmm Leo masle yeah.
Buli lwekulaba nyumirwa
Baby you make me fallin love
Olwokuba nga onyilira AAA
My girl your one of a kind.
She is one in a million antegera Aaa
I can't get enough of her keep coming back for more
Baby would you give that good loving once more
Essanyu lyenina Ku lulwo nebirungi byenfunye mwono
Can't measure it up
In any currency
She is so beautiful
Everything so wonderful
Her smile so bright
The look in her eyes
Gives me hope
For a better tomorrow.
She won over my heart
All I breath is her
She a killer
Her body shape
Kills me , so perfect
Like I never seen before ooohh ooohh
Nze ebyo bya tambula
Na modola
Antambulira muli
Mu mutima Munda
Yono orange
My Perfect size
I swear tuffittinga
She knows how
To treat me
She brings a smile
Upon my face
She is da reason
I left the rest
Just to be with her
She ma Queen
Yeah Yi.

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