LYRICS: 'Yo Love' by Leo Masle

Owewo... eeh ya
Verse 1
Do you know
How hard it is
For me to love u girl
Everyone thinks
Am just wasting my time
Mukwano bagambe
Am tired of playing
Games with you
You making me feel
Like it's all my fault
Or what am doing
Is wrong
Just imagine if it's you
Trying to beg me
En I do make you to
Suffer like u doing
How would you feel
Baibe ee dats y I say
Sagala akuyambeko
Am ready to fight
So as to keep u luv
Abalowoza nti byakusaga
Better get serious
And let us be
Guno omutima gwasima gwe
No matter what
I will always be with u so please luv m back yeah
Verse 2
Baby ku bulungi bwo
I wouldn't want to
Stay away from you
Ur da reason as to y
I wish to live longer
Let us belong together as 'ey say
Two become one
U shudnt be scared
Cse we're going
To fight together aa
I'll never leave u alone
From now on
U'll be my only
Confidant eeh eh
Nesiga nga bwenkwesizze nkusubiza baby
Tujja kumalako fembi.
Verse 3

Luv me luv me
Luv me baby
Hold me nxt 2 u
Never leave me alone ...
I promise to luv u
En I want to be wit u
Every night n day
I promise to take u
With me
If u let me hv u gal
Among di others
I want to hv u one
Alone baby....
Dats y I say gal.
Chorus til end.

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