LYRICS: 'Stay Still' by Damage Music UG

oh yeah (Yeah yeah)

Na na na na na na (these big dreams never let us settle men )

uhmmm oh know (keezy & MG)

See where we started from till here where we are (yeah)

Ain't no body like us y'all

Hudson on the beat (DAMAGE)

"AINT NOBODY LIKE US" (let's get 'em)

Byokoze byebinji ( byebinji)

Ekyenaku your still limping (your still limping)

Bewegomba kyekimu era ( kyekimu era)

Olina kuba na ssuubi ( uhmmm)

U gat your friends right back ( your friends right back)

The ones that believe in you ( the ones that believe in you)

Byebogera tebikutiisa (tebikutiisa)

So Sigala kukubo lyo eryo

They always wanna have a blame on your life don't stop believing (don't stop believing)

Wentuuse kyali bubi (ooh yeah)

but I know ama double up my profits (my profits) eeh

U gat keep living ( u gat keep living)

U gat keep push push ( u gat still push push)

U gat keep believing ( u gat keep believing)

U gat still push so (u gat still push so)

Stay still stay still

Stay still you will win

Stay still stay ye ye ye ye

Stay still you will win *2

Let's get 'em


Tomorrow never comes today you live a life (oh yeah)

Open up your heart homie know what you really want (uuuh yeah)

That's better for the start we start from the scratch

Ain't much but it means a little better much (better much)

No going back

No giving up ( giving up)

Dats how it works not even backing down ( backing down)

Brave heart that's a sign of a real

I remember every face that told me I will never make it

I remember every nigga who boo'd me now I did it

I remember every pain I went through for every minute (for every minute)

I remember y'all niggaz told me now I will neva get it

No dream is too big when your so focused ( no dream is too big when your so focused)

No dream is too big when you are really determined ( you are really determined)

Just open up your eyes and know what you stand for ( stand for)

Just open up your heart and know what your really made for

( what your made for!)

Stay still stay still

Stay still you will win

Stay still stay ye ye ye ye

Stay still you will win *2


U gotta stand still

Mama told me son you gotta keep it real (told me)

Fight for your dreams nothing comes free (every ye ye)

Even if your hit you gotta stand still ( you know )

You gonna make it count

You gonna sign deals ( DAMAGE MUSIC)

Try and fail but never fail to try

Keep your trust in GOD and never lose hope

I believe in you cause that's what I feel

Thank you LORD and MAMA the picture you painted now am here

Mama now am here

Stay stay stay stay still u gotta win

Stay stay stay stay still you gotta win

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