LYRICS: 'Rare Sounds Intro' by Ganzi

Bars Rare Sound Intro
Am in the streets I ain’t got a crib
Young nigga am just tryna find a way to live
If my brothers go down I’ve gotta watch the kids
Dem kinda thoughts got me scared of my own
I’ve been praying for a blessing
Living and I’ve been learning my lesson
Tryna take this effort and turn it into perfection
Don’t let these niggas get to your mind coz that’s your weapon
I told these niggas get to the paper and then you stretch it
Nobody gon look at your vision how you project it
Until you put it all in perspective now they respect that shit
But I ain’t tripping dawg I know what am worth
Chilling with a pulpy chick that got an O in her purse
Don’t be so quick to judge it’s probably not what it seems
I just cut off everybody that was not with the dream
I’m just tryna keep the focus dawg am not on the scene
Am cooking up, let em coppers crack and try to book us up
Can I make to the stars before I see em bars
Me and my young niggas on and tryna beat the odds
On the bus plotting on some ways to see some cars
Am tryna am tryna grow into something large
Just another nigga in the city of schemes
Digging deep tryna find what’s really in it for me
Late nights got me plotting ways to bigger the dream
While she praying for my love hope I give her the key
I never did no wrongs
I was focused on songs
Now I stay on your mind you gon wonder where you gon belong
Gotta stay on the grind keep the movement moving strong
You don’t fit in the picture then you gotta move along
No time to be wishy washy
Two and no iffy pose
Wife up no party shawty
These bitches be getting sloppy
Brother it’s the same just a different copy
Fall for these tricksters and you gon end up on the concrete
Baby who you foolin
A young nigga coolin
Bet your new nigga don’t do it how I do it
You say am cold hearted I just know how you be moving
But I ain’t bout to listen when your giving me excuses, no way

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