LYRICS: 'Down' by Trey David Ft Ft Shemo BK & Lushy Kay

Intro( BK)
She stretch it
BK fetch it
She did embrace it
Man done obtain it
Can Trey sustain it
Man gwan maintain it
Bad boys pull up with the tool kit
Shemo, Trey ah di real bully kids

Likkle peng tings dem fi go down
All you haters need fi chill out
Doozie, Trey link up yuh know seh it special
Di ting go off di whole place a burn down (chorus x2)

Trey David verse:
Downtown to the uptown
Trey David Shemo BK
Coming up fast like a turbo jets
Bad girls on the sideline
Competition stiff but we leading tho
Chill out never let it go
Be easy go down when we say so
We just tryna be us no faking real shit
I guess neegas ain't convinced yet( yeah)
No matter what we gone win
One day i'ma roll a dice
You all know what it is so fly so fresh outta the gutter
Trey David Shemo BK it go down
Money ain't a problem I don't care
We can do anything any day we wanna do it
Our class so high so fresh
Mata kalakala mata ainu batal
Mata fekiru ashan jamaa wosulu
Dunia de kamkalamat Team arakunenak
kan guwa anina kullu bii jerebu
Lakin amulu goduru guwa taki
Haya haja fi dunia de indu zaman tou
But right now it's our time yeah yeah


Shemo BK verse:
Ah so it go down
Real Gs anuh class clown
We bring di wave where dem fi drown
Badness case we fi catch it
Hate crime ting you fi catch it
Right now man's chilling hardest
Step pon turf dem confirm we baddest
Dem fi ask how man do it
Trey tell them do it Doozie
If music a gun ting we straight uzi
With stupid neegas we can really get abusive
Man love it
Dat good bumpa ah me rub it
Yuh can't do nut'n fi stop it

Lushy verse:
I don't trust em baby that you're not real
They keep on telling me they crushing on me
They keep on switching on emotions on me but it don't matter
But they should know we coming too big
Trey David and Shemo we should go down
Can you tell me what to do coz I don't know
Am trapping am rapping today
But tomorrow I might be your bae (Skrrt)

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