LYRICS: 'Burning Up' by Manty Flex


See my life going Down when your not around
Butterflies on my head when you come around
Was a pain in your life I'ma make it right
Just to love you, gives me a purpose
Kyoli kyendi nkuyita waluganda
Tongoba Atte nga Gwe gwenetaga
Sagala kuffa nga bali bakyibanda
Yade nga Muzino ensonga Nze Mubanda
Am really sorry for the pain like a Gunshot
Can't lose you gal your my wonder
Not the other gals baby your my one girl
It can never be two it's the one Love

Am Burning Up, Baby Gal am Burning Up. I feel like am dropped into fire girl am burning up.
Am burning up, bby girl, am burning up. I feel like am dropped into fire girl, am burning up.

I didn't do as I planned need another chance.
Know I broke your heart but gimme sometime
Nali muto bwenakulumya mukwaano
For your tears, netekako Omusango.
Am in the dark bring me back to the light.. Oh
Wen I sleep, Nkulaba mubiroto

I got the Bulbs, but I prefer a candle
See your face in the night when the wind blows.
My face Hopeless, when your not home.
Getting a fake smile, it's really been long
Stressing out, dying out life's getting cold,
I deserved it nsonyiwa mukwano.


you can blame, you can blame
Many times that I let my anger outta me
Made the worst of me when I heard you complain.
Break a bottle on my head if u can
But I remember those kisses on your kneck
Many moments breakfast in bed,
My Incosiderece think I got paid
Mubutuffu binji byennyina okwetonda,
Eri Gwe noyo omukulu katonda
Mutima Guluma, Gwagala Gwe weka
Jangu jendi, Mukwano Komawo Weka.


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