LYRICS: 'Superstar' by Mr Vybs Ft DJ Frankie

Vybsplanet music
dj Frankie
Part 1
We felt the beats full, full night
It was a down mixed hiphop style
Frankie on the decks mad man
It was a mean Mr Arthur on the MIC
Back back a little bit to the topic
Mr vybs I swear, I felt the beats I was about to faint
The whole party house just got surprised
I sat down there, waited to hear the name he wu be called
He played good jams, ma friends Swizzen and Briz witnessed
A call him a djjin, the powers must be sent from heaven!
Call him mr dj on double decks
Trust me frankie is the party jet
Mr vybs i stamp it and say, Yo ma superstar ×2
Part 2
All times deejays on fire
He got di mixxx my buoys ah swear
Sat chilled, heard them play, bu rick ross, fat joe, lilwayne
Santana thimanyi Tupac
The beats dragged, drinks tanned
Girls squeezed oh God party robbed
Everything down there was nice
A remember a T-shirt was given
On my face they saw a smile
We danced deep deep me and stars
I recall inyaa and Dorothy
It was an eye, a recap to the game
All night Mr vybs eyes open
It was a good day, fat party night, awesome pretty gals also in...
Chris ×1
Part 3
It was a Friday and God was great
I remember a was born on this day
My secret love was all there
Bruce accident butandu was there
On my wall tweets flew like rain
My facebook page full of likes
On harshtag of #NovemberLove
We shared love and kisses mwaaa
Don't ask who was my love then
I knew one girl I had in brains
Call her Secret love that way
Welcome to the month of love
You no need to defy against love
Mr jay, bimbo, western ritah Onen
Specialforces please give love

This song should guh to my love
And all friends and fans down there
We got stars on radio and TVs
Tripple A, Sarah mubest, Dickens, flavia
Mr brawn, arthur, Juliana thimanyi oba ompulila
Then there clare inyaa, and my girl Dorothy mukunde
Cynthia, Emma, Etty, consolate
Dj Frankie shutouts
43effect Alberto, silver6 DJs salute
Dj Matt's and riddim selecta
Soutouts to Emma atai, kk
Ivan Karengye and charity, muragambaki abakiiga ba kabale
Sherry karabo, ivan
Jk eyakoowa bigups
All western media guys Abou!!
Respect to all Team Mr vybs haha
selecta's danno and Jkg
Chrs ×any

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