LYRICS: 'Trouble' by Navio


Yeah, okay so you’re leaving now huh? Okay, cool cool…

Yeah, nah nah, I’ve got your number so I’ll call you tomorrow…

I will see you tomorrow, right? Yeah, you remember my name, right?


I’ma let you go but if I don’t see you tomorrow… I’ll go crazy

I’ma let you go but if I don’t see you tomorrow… I’ll go crazy

There will be some trouble… trouble… trouble…

Call me we can get into some trouble… trouble… trouble…

[Verse 1]

Yeah… ah-ah-alina potential

Me too, I guess it’s consequential

Big up, whoever the heavens sent you

Good heavens, you’re heavenly good, you’re mental

Heaven knows you’re giving me what you’re meant to

We gon do whatever the hell your into

I mean, hell, heaven knows what I’ve been through

If it’s dope it’s probably it’s what I’ve been to

But it’s you with whom I wanna go there

Even if you were belly broke, no hair

Your physical’s good, I’m talking ’bout your soul here

You’re the best thing a fella seen the whole year,

Yeah, oh yeah, changed man no blow here

Tell the boys it’s a no go don’t go there

It’s a no no, I’ma need four more years

Everything she does needs slow mo, yeah


[Verse 2]

Yeah, na-na-nice and polite

Said I didn’t stutter but hot damn it, she tight

Big up, you should be my manager, right?

These other boys looking like it’s amateur night

Air UG, you can’t damage the flight

Co-pilot, she ain’t just a passenger, right?

I’ve seen his mark method, half of his ice

Before having you, he should try having a life

Rhymes hot, I might leave ash on the mic

But one dance with her could pass for a hike

I’m policing them hips like Interpol, no interval

I’m in it though, you better know

I’m not abusive, I’ma hit it though

Does she wanna come with me? Yes or no

And I ain’t tryna put you up on a pedestal

They say if you love something, let it go



Navio! I’ll go crazy… I’ll go crazy…

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