LYRICS: 'Armor Of Salvation' by Favourland

(Ephesians 6:11ff)

There comes a moment
When the world's a ship on the sea
There comes a time,
When it feels sailing astray
And you got a lot of things to do
All that are its ways
A war that you will never win without His grace
You begin to wander like a
Possessed wind
And you chase the world
Hoping you will possess it
And when you come to reality
You get a feel that God is sense
But you still fail His hand
'Cause you're just of the flesh.

Put on the armor of Salvation
And work for the Lord
Give no room to desires of the flesh
And wait on the Lord
He will strengthen you
He will remember you
He will reward you so abundantly

You go on to wander
Satan calls you his child
And you know why?
You gave flesh the space
Yet if you had rejected him
He would have fled
And you'd called a child of God
Fully empowered to conquer
But hope isn't over
For you to return home
And be accepted
As child belonging there
Having given up on your sin
Before the father who forgives
For the glory of our Lord
In Jesus Christ Amen.


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