LYRICS: 'Alright' by AJ Stylz

Ukisikia mambo, then you feel the trouble,
That's when you deleted out the higher circle,
You stuck in a bubble now you seeing double,
Stay on your grind someday there's gonna respect your hustle (yeah)
Am just a messenger that the father sent,
You a saviour now? Its not what a brother meant,
Talk about church you ain't even know one sacrament
Amazing y'all busy talking bout the government why,
You get out and cry,you get out so wild,
And can't even see the vision of the people that's fly
Probably contemplating is why you always get weak,
Life's gotta move on man get up on your feet,
If you getting cold, its only getting colder,
Whats the next move you can't even ponder,
Coz the grind is gonna get the stones on your shoulder,
I told ya' thank me later when you in a rover

Keep on shinning, when the streets getting rough with the cuffs,
Keep on grinding, when you look up in the air feel the sky is fallin down on you
Down, falling down (on you) down the sky is falling down on you
Down, falling down (on you) down the sky is falling down on you


What's a soul without a life, Man without a wife,
Loaf without a slice or food without a spice,
You stuck in a puzzle probably asking questions like,
Should i follow the devil maybe follow christ, (Yeah)
Its my job to spend sleepless nights,
Just to make sure this piece gets out of this beautiful mic,
Life's like a roller coaster if you don't hold it tight,
Now get your armour on get ready for the fight,
The more i pray, the more i stay,
The more the lord never let me go astray
Am really sick i need a doctor dre,
Only notice i was black when am skylar gray,
Am about the message and later come the credit
The content i feel in my heart you'll never break it
Like a toy you bought for your son and he play it
Like the joy mama feel when i tell he mama i made it

Maybe you care, or maybe you share (yeah)
I don't really give a ......... what you think about this thing if you in a marriage without a ring
Maybe you care or maybe you share (yeah)
If you really really know you wanna be a king you gotta pray that somebody be a king (yeah)
Now you wanna call on me,
Just probably blame it on the economy,
I never, ever decide what you gonna be, (yeah
Am only here to get you words for free ([email protected]!!)
I think i deserve a toast,
Coz i just got over what am scared of the most
Now if you ever deny me when the cock crows,
You'll carry the cross this time, i'lll be the boss

Chorus till end

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