LYRICS: 'Sweet Africa' by Staroce

Sweet africa, how blessed we are, Mayan beats, Lego...

from far in yo land, u heard a black child calling, its been a road full of struggle but he ain't Fallin, u stood by him in the rain n gave him a safer home, n now he can stand up firm n proudly say oh
Oh yes oh yes iam, proud to be African
Oh yes oh yes iam, look at how far we've come

Sweet Africa can I tell u a story, its been a long tym coming n here we still strolling,
Yo full of good tings full of big tings that the world needs to know, you're blessing full of history that the world ought to know,

Lately my eye caught a glimpse of a splenderous future, saw birds in the sky plenty sunshine and a blissful nature, its such a wonderful feeling joining different culture... As one cos together we shine ooh..
Rpt bridge

Rise up africa, rise up africa, cheer up africa, they need u africa

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