LYRICS: 'Nzokesse E'dab' by Byg Ben

Nzokesse E'Dab lyrics and Audio link.

Sukuya Namombe
E'Dab, E'Dab E'Dab
Nzokesse Nzokesse... Nzokesse
E'Dab E'Dab E'Dab...
Mayii Koyeeee...

Nzokesse... E'Dab E'Dab
Nzokesse Nzokesse E'Dab , E'Dab , E'Dab, EDab.
Nzokesse Nzokesse Nzokesse*
E'Dab, Nzokesse, E'Dab E'Dab
Am Dabbing & Trapping ( Nzokesse)
Am Dabbing & Trapping...

Verse 1:
First things first , (wat) Nzokesse E'Dab (yeahhh)
Let me see you get down while yo Dabbing & Rubbing, haa Nzongelle Nzongelle.
And imma get it on tha roll like I own it , Leha huria iwe lehana huria...
Shesi ndiho mbona MBENE
Shesi ndiho mbona MBENE
Shesi ndiho mbona MBENE , every time am in town I will be Dabbing & trappin',,,
Pull up in the coup like its World War II ,,, Yeah am ready for the war nigga better get done/
I got a gang of nigga on a Dabbing & rubbing ,,,
Fresh to tha Top with a Dab/
Hit a fake nigga with a Jab/
Cooking it raw from the Lab/
Touch down with a Dab from the crab...

Woah, Oh,,,
Look at me now,
Playing around like a mannequin/,
Try get down to the drop while am bouncing & Dabbing/,
Dabbing & Trapping//,,
Nywe nywe mwesitsana mwambone ndihulia E'Dab...
E'Dab E'Dab.., nywe,,,
Mwambonne ndihukippangula E'Dab E'Dab... Nzokesse, Nzokesse ...
Am Dabbing & Trapping/,
Nzokesse E'Dab E'Dab...wweeee Nzokesse


Verse II:
Kamakambilla humakambilla
Ari iwe, Nzokesse Nzokesse ,,
Nababbone mwesitsana mwarrobbele nga libimba,,,
Ari inywe nimwatihhe mwatihhe/,
Am about to hit the waves with a Dab,,,
You can call me The Rapper to grab,,,
About to take y'all for The Plug ,, I hit u with tha Dab and I Leave no witness...
Beka Beka kamabeka kamabeka ,,,
Yinyayiisa yinyayiisa yinyayiisa,,,
Dabbinga nga utsahoo mumooni, wileho ninyuma ninyuma,,,
Man am so high on aDab , I call it Hahinyawo yinyaya...
Getchu on tha drop one time , Yeah I told em we can do it one time barri Sukuya Namombe...

Man am going barzack , I told em that am gon' attack ,,,
Am trynna get back from the fall back , fight back with a Dab like a crack on a rack...
My Dab so UG, Ari iwe Nzokesse
Nhebusse ninyuma nhebuhhe,,,
Nzokesse E'Dab E'Dab E'Dab
Nzokesse!!!(am Dabbing & trapping)
Nzokesse!!!(am Dabbing & Trappin')
Nzokesse E'Dab E'Dab E'Dab
Mayiiiiii Koyeeeeeee!!!


Trigga-Nomics ( on the beat)
Am Dabbing & Trapping
Am Dabbing & Trapping
Mbale Town.
E'Dab E'Dab E'Dab.

To fade....

Artist : Byg Ben Sukuya
Written by : Byg Ben Sukuya
Produced by: Trigganomics
Mastered by: Dawoo Mastering

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