LYRICS: 'Winners' by SWAT

Oh nanananana
S.W.A.T. 4:24 Nanana, we back again
Hook (Trestar)
I’ll run and not grow weary,
No stress Him bring only merry
Pon my life me a basing all the praises
Him a fight as we sipping on the berries
We are winners in Christ we stand (repeat oh nanana)
We’re over comers in Christ we stand (repeat oh nanana)
We are winners (repeat oh nanana), we’re over comers (repeat over comers)
We are winners (repeat oh nanana), we’re over comers

Verse 1(Trestar)
My Jesus Him a the strongest tower
Fierce in war, His a consuming fire
I trust Him, coz I know He’ll never tire
To bless me, I believe he cares for me
He gave His only begotten son
Promised I will lead and not be the tail,
Whatever I put my hands to will never fail
Blessed be the product of my toil
But Satan keeps on fighting, me nah fail …watch me *2

Verse 2 (Ril)
Yesu Ni masiya Ni mwokozi
Jesus you’re the Alpha and Omega (eeh)
Sitani lee maa jyii ngwaya,
Inee the devil you’re my enemy, the Lord is my governor, is my president
He rules all the heaven and the earth
So I dance like a winner, move like a winner
Fly high like I never done before
Say mi mu madri mi mu ngwaya ine Yesu draa mini ma’bee
Amma tuuwalu yesu ma’lya amma ndundu yo Yesu ma’lya
We are winners!!!
Verse 3 (Tu Rich and BmP)
Tu Rich
Romans 8:31, if my God is for me who can be against me?
Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.
Watch me go higher, am lifting up The Messiah
He saved me from the hell fire
Am more than a conqueror,
An emperor tearing down the Devil’s empire
Mayne, I hate them vampires
Jesus saved me from the Hell fire
Am more than a conqueror…

Jah Jehovah me a confess
Life is a journey life is a tough race
The crown nah come up on a silver plate
Like Morgan papa fight for it
Them ghetto youth voice hear me
Marching to the top watch me
Either for me or against me, me nah care
Me and my Jesus kabali ku Ndongo
Situka mwatu tuzine endongo
Eya Yesu temenya mugongo
S.W.A.T. 4: 24
Kabali ku ndongo
Situka mwatu tuzine endongo
Eya Yesu temenya mugongo
Winners ………Over comers
Winners ………Over comers
Winners ………Over comers

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