LYRICS: 'Mpola' by Lanie Banks


Lanie banks for God and my nation

Huh Huh!!

See me in the club bounce

See me in the club gaze

This is what she said straight in ma eye

Right in ma face

This is what she told me


Nkwatako onejako obade-chi baby

Ntekayo onewala obade-chi

Nkwatako ombadala obade-chi baby

Ntekayo ombadala obade-chi

Kale nziza mpola, nziza mpola, nziza mpola

Tugende mpola, tugende mpola

Tukwase mpola, tukwate mpola

Nawe vuga mpola


Nze driver, gwe passanger

Speed sagala, kelele sagala

Njaga chimu nze tugende ewalala

Come touch me girl don’t stop till

We done coz

Nze abakwatako, nze abasingako

Nze abakulembela neba nzilako

They never tell me nothing when

They see me with my girl and

They see us sipping juice

Coz they know we in the




Ndi serious, oli curios

Sili dangerous, ndi delicious

Wankuba, nakuba

Kati teesa nze ntosa

Mpaka kumakya

I never wonna lose you

I really wonna know you

Read between the line then you

Can see that I want you

Look into ma eyes then you

Can see that I love you

All I ever ask is never ever

Leave me


Repeat verse one (half)

Repeat into



Tugende mpola baby

Haha yeah

Lanie banks chillin wit ma man

Soni m +256 yeah

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