LYRICS: 'Get Down' by Blac Jayden

Get down,
Show me the club i show you how to get down,
Let me show you how you really wanna get down,
Nice ladies with nice things to get down,
Nice dudes splash mulla downa uptown.
[Verse 1]
Heavy wallet, heavy chain,
See i make it rain
Pop champaigne
Make haters go insane
Life in the first lane
White vest i put it on
Hit the club, put it on,
Sippin' on, goin' on....
Big guys with big money sign us,
Nice chics with big bums like us,
We pop bottles get high they carry us,
Stars we're we various,
Pretty and fabulous...
Shake it up, shake it baby show me what'chu got,
I sign you a check baby then you give me that,
Say my name in a row,
I'm still raw,
Let the cash flow, let the cash flow, hit the dance floor.
Back down, break down, bring down, close down,
Crack down, cut down, draw down, dress down,
Drop down, slow down, knock down, fall down,
Shake down, flip down, wave down....
[Verse 2]
I dunk lyrics in the mic net,
Break the club gate,
Watch me on a TV set,
Bet me to win the race
Stereo, tremble, bang bang bang base,
Drop down your best dance, like you're a party guest,
Party like you never party or never die,
Look like you never looked or never cry,
Twerk like you never twerked, twerk in the light,
And don't be idle in the club, shit i don't like.
Light, camera, action we already cashed
Fake niggas on aside, already bashed
Dissed up broken up, they already crashed
No chance in the game, they time already passed.
Shake what your mama gave you we get down,
Look around and mash it up up down we get down,
DJ turntabling the hit get down,
Put your hands up, baby dance with me "get down"
[Verse 3]
Let me see your hands up, let me see your hands,
Let me see your hands up, let me see your hands,
Let me see your hands up, let me see your hands,
Let me see your hands up, let me see your hands,
Tell me what you wanna sip let me bring it on,
Don't bring porridge in club wine get it on,
Time check is 2:37,

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