LYRICS: 'Mama' by Blac Jayden

(Intro_Blac Jayden)

Yeah, mama i gotta go home right now...
Blac Jayden, Pop Henizho, yeah

(Verse 1_Blac Jayden)

Mama remember the other time i left you home down,
Remember the other time mama i quit my home town,
I didn't believe that one time i be a home sound,
Look around and see my face here i am your big son,
I didn't take your words cause i was too much a little kid,
I had courage, i left you behind raising my fellow kids,
A bless be to you, you suffered a lot and raise me,
Though i messed around your life let's sing together you and me,
A home kid became a strong man as per now,
Believe you're a heroin cause you raised me a man up and down,
The way you raised me I'm treated like African prince, hope you got no
doubt mama,
Hope you feel me now mama,
I feel the pain you had when i was coming outta you,
I rub those tears for the nine months you passed through,
Just take a look up in the sky, mama it's so so blue,
You deserve to be hailed, all women around must bow for you,
Ain't no woman around can dare take my mama's place,
For mama's presence, no pressure and no too much stress,
I'm gonna show you love and get you a happy face,
No more crying mama I'm back straight like rays.


Pop Henizho: Mamama...
Blac Jayden: I miss you mama
Pop Henizho: Mamama...
Blac Jayden: I miss you mama
Pop Henizho: Mamama...
Blac Jayden: I miss you mama
Pop Henizho: Mama i miss you...
Mama i love you...

(Verse 2_Blac Jayden)

It's now a payback to what i was cared for,
You gave me a favor and took a lead for what i was looking for,
Damn life without mama too much thanks for,
For having her as my shield bad life had already gone,
The breaking down of the dawn mama never suffer-pain,
I be there to cover you whatever the hard rain,
Everywhere, everyday,
Mama i wanna be there,
Good life i bring it there,
And happiness i make it rain,
The truth mama to tell ya'
Without you mama I'm a failure,
Ain't nobody can make me hate ya'
You still my only master,
Whatever, wherever,
You're my earthly god for ever,
From north to the south to the east to the west to the center we together,
Tattoos on my body you can fear,
Bling bling some chains in my neck you can tear,
Plenty G's from my hood my swag you can feel,
I hate this gangster life mama change me, yeah...
Women are the best but mama you're the best for me,
Burry the hatchet and make some light for me,
You even know it better mama you're my only hommy,
I can never let you go it's me, your son bless me.


(Verse 3_Blac Jayden)

The only mama around this crazy world a woman for real,
I'm stepping up in your footprints killing karma and seal,
The only son from the aftermath, a real dollar bill,
I see no evil, I'm tryna put one's shoulder to the wheel,
It's how i feel, to stand up and make a story tell,
Spit crack and curse y"all that's how i felt,
I felt a big wall in my way i needed what you said,
But I'm back mama send me in a home jail,
I'm sorry mama I'm on my knees, please forgive me,
Your last son is in your front set prayers for me,
Without prayers pass your thoughts how I'm gonna be,
I'm gonna die on a mountain or down the sea,
But I'm back mama, without scars on me,
I passed through the gates of hell to see my destiny,
I passed through the ghetto life and bad G's on me,
But your son is back, hug me and feel the heart beat.
Written by Blac Jayden.

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