LYRICS: 'Lost Love' by Rapson Controlla

A team forwad thing
A loveson music,a b2b management
A slaghuter music,she used to be the first
But the last now.
Many people say were ment to be(ahh oh u)
the time has come to say good bye(ahh oh u)
me want to live all my life take away the stress & rest
thats my life for now(ahhhh) x2
my lady ,yah look into me eyes an tell me lies me know
coz every thing me know me know ahhh
i come across many things i know,it never gona be the same
I knew u were always worthy and know ahh
Tell me the truth i stand by ur side and i know ur
U make me feel bad ,when i know ur lieing
Your cute eyes & ur pritty face da best lips an a better figure
Eyeeeei yeei yaaa
She used to be the gal ami love,di gal ami like & every tin she do
Mi are nuh gwan like
I say gal di gal ami love di gal ami love ahh....
she are di best me dont know say


Me call pon ur phone yah put yah phone busy,evertin me do me agwan
Live easy coz me life gwan go crazy,everytin me do so me do it so dizzy
Everytin will turn down & melt down an me life afi gwan then fi ron down
Tommorow will be another day,shining so bright like are sunny day
Me stand pon di beach an me lovin it ahh every gal pon me corner
Me love di way yah do wat yah do wah yah do,love di way yah say wah yah say
Wah ya say so me stand up me line ami line ah yah
Madder dem easy,me life so easy ahh so busy ahh
Me dont want no confusion everytin yah,yah fi do pon ur risk


Darkness pon ur corner,tommorow ur never know di owner
Me stand pon ur side & put up di lights an everytin look so bright
Ahhh,baby yah dont know what yah want,yah play chicky chicky tricks
Yah life afi gwan yah dont what yah want
Me are the man an the best..

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