LYRICS: 'King Me' by T-Jay

(*VERSE 1*) T-Jay

see i come through like a AK
on point like a A GAME
stay hood i stay fly
if real is real its really me
hammer me like hammer time
hotter than the summer time
couple rhymes i glock a nine
my flow retarded, juvenile
my piggy bank a Louis bag still make 'em beg from what i bake
swagger fresh like a pair o' Js, i be the best lets make a bet
umma click a pound n blow it up, still lookin' fresh im G'd up
every bar i spit still make it feel like crack a brick on a rapper head
im strapped up like a marks man still callin' shots like target practice
spit a verse this shit insane we ain't the same u niggaz lame
i'm super fly no turbulence still rockin' on like sky high
umma king me else i'm a villain nightmare on elm street
im timely like a wrist watch my time is set on beast mode
i go hard on err'y beat only lord knows who my victim is
my paper long do ride along my flow sick give you a stroke
its replica you gotta "king Me" like the four Ks in a card game,

(*CHORUS*) Dolly Voice

Im my only Hero, Weaknesses are all gone
I was in a battle, but did survive my crow
King Me now i can see Witness the greatness
The freshness in me, Just King Me
Now i can feel Thoughts in my head
Pacin' up King is me

(*VERSE 2*) T-Jay

Its a careless world umma slay this one,
take care lest umma slave you son
like the dark don't shine, im a light sunshine,
im iced like nine, still umma get mine
ruin my life umma snatch your soul
look at a nigga with a heart so cold
live by the sword i die by the code
then i ride out outrun Johnny Outlaw
imma Viking real nigga young king
i'm a king pin on a grind all day
im the threat umma neva stop on none
make the jouney come slow n the world careless
look im the brain that did grow the grain
give yall niggas plenty food for your thought
thee niggas mad coz i livin' they dream
t-jay imma boss, president on hold
lets get that money they perpetratin'
these poor niggas i see em trippin'
i'm spazzin' out they wildin' out
im a warm heart in a cold world
they actin' geeks umma school em weeks
they never spit, they snitch on beats
for real im ill never popped a pill,
im a fresh prince like uncle Phil, uh
im livin' it, all i wanna get is a triple beam
kill 'em in the booth umma pass a will
draw 'em to the side like the curtains in
never sip on lean, umma creep on quips
i aint gon stop imma keep on toppin'
put em in the ground like 6 feet droppin'
got a flow that would leave a nigga drownin'
coz im thronin'


(*Verse 3*) T-Jay

King Me, King Me, you a pawn in the league
all i know, is intrigue, don't nobody in the lead
we gon ride, like a knight, every nite we dont sleep
super dope, we the deal, we never shop where talk is cheap
they on mute, we the truth, in the booth we pluck tooth
like a coup, they salute, now they all give respect
never mind, who the best, you can guess, be my guest
king flow, umma spit, all the waaay to the throne
young n wildin' we be smilin'
still free stylin' no declinin'
they resignin' coz im shinin'
God they trippin' over nothin'
haters beefin' my team grillin'
yeah we toppin' my team winnin'
like a paintin' im self-portraitin'
infiltratin' leave em gazin'
feelin' gifted my soul lifted
boy im soulja umma tell 'em
code so major like D Major
im they ruler they can't measure
run my track like no jay walk
stay fly like a blue jay bird
king me like its Ds n Clubs
Ace out umma stomp u out

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