LYRICS: 'Jujju' by Enygma


Enygma, yes I-Am/
Enter the club at 1am/
The bouncer's cool with me/
Mask on through the security/
They don't need see I.D. (CID)/
Because I will sit in VIP/
Not black balled, I'm at the front of the queue (cue)/
And my crew stick around with me.


I'm standing in the club
And I don't wanna dance
But when this track is jumping
I just put up my hands
I feel my body moving
Like ants are in my pants
This feels like, this feels like
I guess this feels like JUJJU!
Feels like jujju
Feels like jujju
Feels like jujju
This feels like, this feels like, I guess this feels like JUJJU!


I'm gonna have a ball/
Drinking juice, no alcohol/
Chilling in the club/
Girls attack with rubadubs/
I don't play along/
I'm waiting for a hip-hop song/
The ladies want Bacardi/
Get them water, they're like Zari (sorry)!



I put a hex on the hecklers/
Giving people true meaning of the words stage fright, when they look at us/
Make a necklace/
From the skull and crossbones of my enemies wives if you mess with us/
Like the wrestler Papa Shango/
Some are filled with a black spirit like in Django/
I be in the top 1-2, when I want to/
I-Am a ghostwriter, my lyrics are gonna haunt you!/
...Back to the facts/
My capacity is that, I can actually rap/
Without any witchcraft, you're a bit daft/
Tried to Google all my voodoo dolls and I just laughed/
But not long, child sacrifice is real/
Little kids are being killed for power like Isreal/
Time to speak up, against, witches in their neat huts/
And burn shrines! This Jujju because the beat nuts!

Hannz, was that a good take?

(HOOK) x 2

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