LYRICS: '808's & Heartbreaks' by AirporTaxi

[Martha Smallz]

We can make you feel alright tonight
We take the guilt, the shame and make you feel alright
We know your heart has been broken
And heartful words been spoken
It's alright it's okay, lets sway

[Verse 1]

The way I see it,
From your waiste I'm loving your physic
And your face got your boy on a trip
I mean yeah she got it,
Damn right she got it
Straight from Kigali
The type that get drunk from just a Serena party
No need for a VISA but I said alot
I let my shoulders in like a cartesian mark
Game flooded with lines but am VIP no it's up
Ho ho ho ho hope you ain't tryna compare her
Gal from your time to my kind of era
From the Louise bags to the shoes and you can tell her
She got more space to pack the Panamera
And there aint no telling what we ought to do
You can read from my face like an autocue
Many gals sell their share for your spare pocket
Rare view got a glimpse on my next target


[Verse 2]
[Tucker HD]

They say we dress apart, I guess they be wrong
Like giraffe necks we belong
Though I've seen alot of them n your the best ten
Am Proffessor X then am better than your X-Men
She fell deep pliz... how could she not dive?
Coz even without a ride Tucker got drive
She treat me like a king with a sick flow (what)
Through my mind gal everyday you tiptoe
Never time for buy am always tryna buy more
Shawty got the most class like she's primo
A blush man she down to ride until it's emcee
Most chics that befriend me,
Never so far acted friendly
So team Airport Taxi you know am repping it
Tell 'em Major Tucker HD gal your defnite it
The more I pop bottles, the more your using your mind less
So I guess it's only right you leave with your Highness


[Verse 3]
[Martha Smallz]

For all those 808's and heartbreaks
In the game of love you have to give to take away
A little bit of heartache is the price you have to pay
To see a brighter day
Now just let go, common let's sway


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